Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Xaviers here I am

Students at work

Hi hi another day and we are going to be doing lensing in class today, the students are hard at work and doing a great job ya.



50 mm, Normal

100mm, TelePhototo

300mm, TelePhoto again

Monday, July 16, 2018

Workshop in Rainy Season

Students at work

A deep grey day it is, rains and dark clouds all around been raining since 2 am, and I am worried how do I get to my class and how will the students arrive for class,
It is day one of the class, so much to do, and I want it to start on a perfect note,

Desperate time calls for desperate measures so I mailed the dean for a car to go to class, and realized that he is no longer the dean, at this institute, but he did share email ID of his colleagues who took over from him, well so it was back to mailing them, and hoping they receive the mail in time, and check there mail to do the necessary actions, I have conducted workshop in previous years so I looked up contacts of other department faculty that I had Phone numbers, but being so early none responded and I sat waiting for divine intervention ,,,

It happened
Finally it all did play out as scripted and I go got a car to go to class in time with some time to spare and here I am teaching a workshop for the next few days to a wonderful bunch of Maters students On Photography

Created by a student

and one more on Leading Lines

Friday, July 6, 2018

Destination Kolkata

Clean wide roads of Kolkata

Head to Kolkata, it is a ritual that require me to wake at 0415 am, and some meditation / cup of coffee/ shower later am out of the house by 0515 hours and in time for the 0605 train,

Usually I will sleep off on the train as soon as I have boarded, but this time around I was travelling in the second class seating (no tkts in AC) and with monsoon happening every other day being rainy I settle into the seat and spy a couple sitting next to me, giving them some space and privacy I swoop on a empty seat and am sitting across from the love birds, and the journey commences


I did not know the train stops at t6 different stations within the first hour itself it is like a local passenger train.  The stations and the platforms are still quant and from times long time back, the neatness is amazing (guess they don’t have tetra pack food available) thank God for small mercies.

We indians don't believe in doing things the way it should be done if it suits us, so we think crossing tracks is better then walking all the way around and shortcut is the way to be 

Commuters would rather risk there life

Finally we approach a largish station and it is kharagpur, the next stop will be two hours later which is Santragachi , followed by Howrah, , time to catch a nap in this two  hour stretch today.
sign of development written all over 

catching a few ZZZZ's 

and yes we can't forget the food now can we? 
vegetable ball friend in oil, yummy I say, made for some wonderful breakfast for sure.

While in Kol, now they have a new fare rate / card as the adjustment against the meter reading in Taxi, it  The rates have changed  but meters are not recalibrated, and not wanting to get into math we have a rate card explaining the rates.

Good luck while in KOL over the next few days

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