Monday, January 20, 2020

Headed to Nepal, - 950 km approx -01

Am Up at 0300 hours, little butterflies in the stomach, we start ride to Nepal today, & call time in 0600 hours

Rajat Ready for the road

The rides sees me go inward and dwell on the self, it is a calm time as I prepare for the ride internally, and I wait for r0430 hours to wake up and start the routine to prepare for the ride, ( I know its foolish to follow time like this, but habit)

Finally the clock says 0435 am awake & extract myself from under the sheets, the cold seems to have subsided but is an illusion, while on the bike we are always cold, and n proper protection is must.

MOM is in town and insists on waking up and making tea and we sit have tea together n chit chat,
Its 0530 time to get my bags and tent and chair n all on the bike, (yes we do carry it all on the bike), so Ruma (my moms help) and me head down n saddle up, am set to leave the house at 0552.

At kadma, DOBO bridge

I will be at the meeting place by 0600 as planned and sure enough I am the only one at the location, a few calls later I am told other riders Sishir – is looking for his ridibg gloves  and Raja- saddling up  will show up soon,  Meanwhile Biswaroop, ( another rider )  bless him spots me on the road and gets coffee for us,  and I am treated to a hot steaming cup of coffee as we wait for the riders who would be accompanying me today, and 5 riders come to see us off, finally its 0730 hours and one of the bikes tank has developed a leak,  we are yet to leave town, so better to get it reapired before we start out, Raja heads out to the repair shop  and I head home, next call time is 1030 hours to touch base with sishir and raja and hope to leave town by 1100 hours today.

Crowed helping us inspect bike :)

Watch this space for more ,,,

in the meantime today is Tue, spending the time saved meeting up gods and goddesses and seeking there blessings for the journey

Ma Kali

Lord Hanuman 

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Sunday, January 12, 2020 - Bike-tales-with-rajat

The year that went by did see me travel and experience a lot around the country 

Is starting an initiative called “  bike tales with Rajat “, which will highlight stories reflecting the positives in this time and age?

People are helpfull & good is the premise that we work with, irrespective of what we are told by the media, and are looking to highlight such stories from across the world 

Please sign up at :

You too are most welcome to share your stories of good things happening around you to you and your families and friends, we would want to highlight the positives all around the globe, no matter what we are told by otherwise

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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Help on the train - RAILMADAD

Another year starts ( 2020)  and am happy to report many a system has working fine,

I was on the train on 7th, and at 0630 am as I board the train from Howrah, I am on a 3tyre coach and the middle berth occupant is insistent that he will sleep and he cares not if the railway rules say daytime is sitting, he is going to be nasty and refuses to budge from his berth requesting him a few times, I realize it will be of no avail, and thus I called “ the –railmadad” , it is a online redressed system in case of any trouble it made me register on the site, and it took up a few minutes but finally I was able to lodge my complain.

It was 20 minutes before the railway police called enquiring on the status of the problem, n offered to send there railway force to my help.

In the meantime the Ticked collector had been informed and he had come and got the middle berth occupant to get off and take his seat as he should have in the first place.

Happy to see the Railway police can be reached and they are indeed proactive and helping travellers.  

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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Mr Faith " I will get my purse back, no worry "

The man with Faith

  It is 0700 hours in KOLKATA and I am at a tea shop, the street side small vendors shop where tea is still available for a mere10 rs.per cup. As I enter, I spy a purse on the bench, possibly the person before me has left it behind, and I hand it over to the shop owner, mentioning where I found the purse.

It was another 20 minutes before an elderly gentleman, maybe in his mid 60’s came along and asked for his purse, and on receiving it ,  seemed like he knew he would get the purse back, and was not worried about it.

Loved how much belief he had in humanity, that he would indeed get the purse back. He enjoyed another cup of tea before he went on his  way.
Another example of humanity and his trust and faith in fellow humans.

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Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Ronny D'costa and The newspaper guys

Early morning 0500 hours, its time for a quick workout before another long days ride. Ronny, my co-traveller is out on a walk and 30 minutes into the walk / jog he sees a newspaper vendor..looking to stay connected with the world.. while other riders laze.. Riders usually work on their own time schedule, and he knew the others would take their own sweet time to get ready. He decided to buy a few news papers and the bill is Rs 18. It’s the outskirts of Hyderabad, and the newspaper vendor has no money on him, Ronny too has only 10 rupees and a Rs 100 bill.
The vendor offers to let Ronny have the newspaper, and is willing to trust that Ronny will pay up the next day - the balance of Rs 8.
Ronny informs the vendor, that he might not be around the next day, but the newspaper vendor lets him have the paper anyway saying, “ OK pay me next time you are here “

Was the vendor just nice and positive or foolish?

I love guys like these who will help folks because they can and money alone does not move them, way to go Newspaper guy!

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