Friday, January 12, 2018

How corruption works

How corruption works

Today I was at a CCD at a hospital of sorts,

They had a menu, where they mentioned price, when I asked for small I was told
No small drinks are only for staff
Then I ask for a drink (cofee) where they price it as small only, when they serve it they say, No No we served you a large

So I ask for a bill and they say Oh our cash machine and printer is out of order

This is stealing plain and simple, and we wonder why our country is backward, cause you are stealing, and other then me no one seemed to have a problem with the sorry state of things,

And this is in a hospital, so you can well imagine how hand in gloves the hospital probably is with CCD

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Its all in the attitude

So after a 6 month stay  away from home, my mom is back, it is such a pleasure to see her in action at the age of  81, cooking exercising, doing all house work as if she is 22, amazing energy,

And then there is my cousins wife ,,, who is too lazy to travel 16 km to come meet my mom, so she wants my mom to come and visit her, You tell me, does this make ay sense, or does this talk about the generation and there attitude ,,,

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Friday, December 22, 2017

carnival 2017

Come December and Jamshedpur has a winter fest, a carnival of sorts, where friends and family flock together and have food and listen to music and what have you, this year too was no different, The only difference I was there to be a part of the carnival

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Instagramming - what can I say

River crossing

They said instagramming is the way to go, the only way to get more business and reach out to folks today, finally is Instagramming too 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

From Mountain to to Elephant top

The Star Attraction

6th NOV, we are at Dirang, a bunch of Riders from Puna for added company we had a good chit chat session on 5th eve, 

Bikes in holding area

Beasters, thumpers, wanderers 

and breakfast done we were ready to move on as the Pune guys were headed to Tawang,
The mountains

We started at 0730 hours and
 And after breakfast at Bomdilla at 0900 hrs. We are ready to head out to kaziranga, I had left my luggage at Bomdilla we needed some time to pick up the luggage, and basically my tent and sleeping mat OD said 3750 km
It would be a long day; n might involve some night riding, some 80 km of bad road awaited as we started from Bomdilla,

with Local Beauty

The ride to kaziranga was quiet smooth; we were at Sapphire at 1300 hrs. OD said – 3826,   apu had taken  off on a wrong path and we lost some time as we regrouped, thanks to Nikhil being a spotty and zipping around and managing to get Apu in short time, ODO - 3857 was Bhalukpong an hour later at 1400 hrs. 

we were at Kaziranga by 1930 hrs., riding via tezpur ODO was 04005km
We had covered 370 km on this day in 12 hours time, I am amazed how right Google is about how much time it would take us to cover the distance, ya as the day ended we met another rider from  Delhi Beaster – Sohail, we had a campfire that night to beat the cold, the first of many campfire that night.

Campfire at Kaziranga
The next day 7th Nov,  we had booked a Jungle Safari, and elephant ride for 0630 hrs, which ment we would be up and would need to be at the gate of the safari place by 0610, so we would need to start out by 0530 hours

At safari site

What do You know we made it in time for the safari and were on our elephants out to spot Rhino and bison and what else have you .

AN elephant prepares

The riders Prepare

On the Safari

As we started out we were soon in the marshland and then in river side and there were sightings of animals.

And the humans watching the animals ,,,

US on the elephant