Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The cheapest solution can’t be the best one

It is something that is but natural, if I am good in what I do, I will want to get paid what it is worth, N that a corporate will never let happen

Which is why Corporatization will never be the best option.

For CWG the govt gave the contract to a company which probably quoted the cheapest, The company also took 5 yrs to build the bridge that collapsed, before the games, the army put it up in 5 days.

Wake up India, We are at the cusp of being a great country, do not let the lack of – inability to run the final 10 mile be the reason where we stay as a also had been country.

Another example o: I had a friend from childhood who works in a corporate, and actually believes so much in his company which bid the lowest for a job, my friend wanted me to find him people who will work for amount’s which won’t even pay for the gas bills of the new recruits.

Needless to say, he is not a friend no more, as I refused to cheat others for his company’s profits.

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