Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The common man is still at the receiving end

Jaguar posted a profit of One Billion US$, the common man got nothing.

Yes Mr. Tata, You set up the singur plant, and on realizing it wont work, you manipulated “ they were the common man: -your workers “ to smuggle out the factory at dead of night, and those who did, it, if they were caught, or injured, no one would have been there for them, “They were the common man”.

For all the wealth that India shining has been generating “ no common man is benefited” Yes the ambanis are making a house a huge obscene house, but a first in India where there might be architecture involved, since the British left there has been no beauty only utility that is visible, but “ they the common man’s house” in villages have a architecture, that industrialization is erasing.

All the best to “ The common man”, who builds it all, bears the loads, enjoys no fruit of there labor, bears the load of it all.

The common man:

You never mattered, you never will matter, UNLESS you VALUE YOURSELF .

Treat yourself like a human,

Look at what nature has created for you:

live a life for yourself not just to earn, but to live it well, and give up the mantra of “ I WANT MORE! MORE! MORE !” QUALITY VS QUANTITY! Create beauty , for when you create you are close to the creator, you are one with the creator, else you will never get out of this.


  1. Rajat, as a journalist of almost half a century experience, I suggest you try to measure your words lest they convey wrong impression. Also weigh the sides, all possible ones. Sadhan Mukherjee

  2. Sadhan ,
    just a Point of view, of what life has become, are we not in a mode of trying to horde, forgetting that we need not most of what we are hankering for.

    Taking a step back is a nice place to be at occasionally, One thinks !