Friday, September 23, 2011

film production 01-01

1. Did u know when u buy movie tkt in France u actually pay a tax that takes money back to make more movies, n its the only country that follows this system.

2. 15000 screens in north america

3. Releasing over 500 screens make it more expensive in millions of $

4. Women mostly decide what film the family will watch

so lets play jeopardy , n improve information about film making in Hollywood :)

caroline libresco organizes Sundance film fest
Geffery Gilmore: does Tribe FF, in NY
Karlovy vary : film fest in Chezk republick

1. 1st position: collects money 1st as the money comes in
2. Reps and warranties: when you say u wrote the film, n it all dies if it is found that did not actually write it completely, so the fill contract is null and void.
3. Tonal shift: the tone of the story shifts during the movie: VIZ: a comedy film suddenly shifts to a scary movie in the same film.
4. Page1 Rewrite: rewrite the whole movie from scratch
5. OUT TO: like my script is out to Tom Cruiz
6. option: 10 % to writer now, rest when it goes on the floor
7. soft pass: we like it , but we won't make it, if u can't find anyone else let us see what we can do
8. minimum guarantee: what a producer agrees to pays

PAY OR PLAY : we will pay you for this movie , irrespective of if it is made or not


HAZZARAI : lots of stuff
GOY - for someone not a jew,
SCHIDESC- a love affair, like say u take a script to a director,n he loves it and wants to make the movie :)
BASHERAT: destiny


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