Sunday, November 20, 2011

More on negotiation

kids are the best negotiators

Reframing: look at the bigger picture, zoom out, n realize there is a bigger picture.

If u are fighting over a piece of pizza, zooming out u realize there are other slices they’re that u could work towards

Ask: why

Why not

What if

What would you advice

Ask open-ended questions

E.g.: don’t ask if policy can be changed, ask how can it be changed?

Ask questions on what makes the deal fair

We deal with




How do u deal with these?

a- Ignore the stonewall (though do test it, n then ignore it) if it is real issue the other will mention it over and over,

b- Renegotiate the stonewall as an aspiration.

When Attacked-

a- deflect attack, by ignoring the attack,

b- reframe the attack, that is not against you but against the problem at hand

c- Reframe attack, n deflect it by changing it into a joke

d- Reframe the issue at hand; let go of the past wrong, n work on the issue at hand.


Ask clarifying questions - why? How did you get to it?

What’s your profit margin?

If they are talking too fast - be careful

Look for body language, being same as what they are saying

Make reasonable request, if they don’t agree then they are probably tricking you.

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