Friday, May 11, 2012

Sound in movies

Movies that deal with sound in an interesting manner

Movie - M Fritz Lang1931

Synecdoche – Use part of something to denote something full,

Eg: saying 25 springsinstead of saying 25 Years.

DIGEntic - the fictional universe that the story constructs,and we accept
(The character can’t hear it usually)

Voice of 3rd person is NON-Diegetic
Background music is Non Diegetic.

M- wild at heart 1990
M – One from the heart. 1982 By Francis ford cappola

M – Wings of desire 1987 Wim Wember
M - Thin red line

Sometimes lack of sound tells a story
M- the kids are all right 2010, Lisa cholodenko

Internal sound over
M – The Pianist 2002 Romen Polanski
M – Alice 1990 Woody Allen

M- Burnt by the sun 1994, Nikita Makalkov
M – The informer, 1935 John Ford

Music like wallpaper helps narrative continuity helps coverEditing (so it makes fluid continuity)

Music is used as a narrative:
M- The Scarlett Express 1934 Joseph Von Sternberg
M – Charlie Chaplin 1931 City Lights
M Blue Velvet 1986


A conceptual use of sound in the direction of a distinct NON-Synchronizationwith a visual

M - the shining

Spoof of NON-Diegetic

M – High Anxiety 1978 Mel brooks

M – Women is a women by Jean Luc Goddard

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