Tuesday, July 31, 2012

producing documentries - styles

Different Interview styles:

1. Are they on camera or off camera

2. Into the Camera (as if speaking to the audience)

3. Real (you can see the person

4. Obscure – the person is in the shadow.

5. Talking heads (in the situation, sit down interviews)

6. Talking to the interviewer

7. If interviewer is in the movie – or is the interviewer alone

8. Question in or out?

Have the interviewer in the middle of the frame when he is looking into the lens

Or saving frame because others will join his on sides as the shot continues.

Pull the person away from the wall, NOT against the wall, try to add the environment.

Think about sound, always a good idea to shoot twice at different locations with different actions. 1 calm and 1 with ambiance.

Detail the situation

Then shoot

Then Edit

Always be sure you have 3 – 5 shots for a scene at least.

Ideally do not be operating camera when directing. Have eye contact with your subject as much as possible.

Operate camera only if you are in the fly in a wall scenario where you are not asking questions, in that situation also better to operate sound rather then Camera.

Different styles: the fog of war – use of jump cuts / canted framing, character shifted in position between shots

Forgotten dad – different interview style to tell the story, keeps one engaged, and creates an environment where one wants to know more.

THE con - by Morgan spurlock

Is investigative, personal style where he is involved shown as a character, info is shared by conversation

1000 Journals - using talking heads and showing situations that they are talking about.

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