Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Thoughts on DOCUMENTRY Editing

Transcribe your footage before you start your edit

Do a paper edit, is very useful to know what goes where and one is not editing from memory

While editing do an assembly without going into the details, as it will stop you from moving things around later

Make sure you have a good beginning and a good ending

Interview teq’s

Make your subjects include part of the question into there answer

Get them to give examples of how things happened

HOW is the key word?

Never be operating the camera if you are conducting the interview


Ask friend / people who you trust

1. Where is the climax, it should be at 2/3 rd. of the movie

2 is tension building up, there should be a arc in the film,

Not going up and down as a wave

3. If the film focused on one story or is it veering off

E.g.: start the film about a cycle ride with jack, but it veers off to jack relation with his church

4. Restructuring: does your content need to be moved around so best material is used?

5. Film should have single ending (not that it seems to end, and then again It takes off and keeps containing)

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