Sunday, December 23, 2012

AN Silent and scared govt

The simplicity of nature keeps me so engaged, how come the other men are so into rape and pillage and plunder?

What is it that makes a man needed to plunder and then beat up women?
How can the govt not have the balls to do anything about that?

Isn’t silence also being a part of the problem, The president of USA cried in public when his country men suffer, the president of My country is too scared to show face, if it is so, then maybe eye for an eye and end of society is in sight?

Indeed 21st Dec 2012 marks the end of callous society, n start of an
Conscientious society.

Glad they were not fighting for India’s Freedom, they would have failed miserable 

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  1. Most people overlook, or, rather choose to ignore the abundant beauty and simplicity all around us. These are usually the unhappy people who dwell on the negative and pass on their misery to others by indulging in gruesome heinous crimes like murder and rape.
    I am with you in wishing the end of the 'callous' society.
    I dream of a better, safer, more friendly world... Hoping that this dream comes true.