Saturday, May 2, 2015

Social Media the Puppet Master

I was at a concert and met a few friends form the long gone days, it was lovely,

The lovely Tara Sutaria was singing with Gary Lawer and Louis Banks was on the piano/ keyboard ,,, the evening was starry

I also remembered why I was single and happy not to be mingle


IS social media is our puppet master and it has us a bunch of zombies walking around with their little devices in front of their faces,  many were at the concert there phones having there attn instead of those next to them,   while yes I agree Social Media  lets one get to know ones friends (catch up with friends) those we lost touch with, those in 30 - 50's age group are benefiting while   for the generation growing up now, I wonder what past they have to catch up with what does social media mean to them


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  1. The young today do not understand the past, as in past greatness, past events, past relations, or any such. Alas ! today's gen is consumed with the present, and dreams of riches and fligfhts of fancy in the future.
    Alas ! feel very scared for them- whither are they going ? Quo Vadis ??!!