Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Curve of Life


They call me everyday.

They leave comments on my posts, pretending to be someone they are not. 

Then there are preaching sessions telling me what to do and how to do it, and how they will harm me,

Guess I must be doing something to offend people enough that they are putting themselves in harms way to want to talk to me everyday,

Their messages depict their frustration at being ignored by one and all, to want to be loved, sorry you have such a sorry sad life,

I forgive you.

One is Mandar, where have I heard this name, oh ya , he was on the panel of discovery
The other Crystal – no idea who you are, wait ya you were on the discovery magazine team

And who introduced you to me ?  you are not so smart are you? to be caught and your identity compromised, 

The web of lies that you spread has been exposed. Honestly did you think you could play these games all along and never get caught

Live life with love and dignity, you can fool some people some time not all the people all the time.


  1. You Paki, i saw through when I came across the Blog 2 month, 'Half baked crap. is I commented and it was,
    THIS post is REAL you -you final exposed yuorself and PIDDLED ALL OVER filthy shoes dintchya, this is what you are, farcical, SAD, attention-seeking, manipulating, sleazeball ..
    Who is STALKER? WHO the fuck cares - DONTCHA GET IT - you see things as YOU are, not as they are .,all your crappy philosophys, this is the REAL you, what shitty stuff you dun to deserve stalking?
    Mander is Another Paki? At the best he been seen through your double standard, at worst, he got bagpoled by you.

    I oughta give you the phone but my partner Nick Freidrich(you want to see if real? Why doncha try come on here face him, bugger) he says slime-balls as yourself cause trouble for all people all where-ever you go. And you will be in one heck ofa serious deep shit if you try any your shit stuff in here. Oh, who Dicovered whose truth- I have cleaning job, but the University Of Montana Missoula, Montana, (I take course in Sociology, Environmental Studies_, and my two pre-school kids tells to me to say to you, back the fuck off, GO INSIDE, LOOK INSIDE .
    Get facts right, But mebe you are too much of asshole for that. Whatcha doing bugger, other then fool by posts
    Like you said, "you can fool some people sometimes, you cannot fool all people all the time".
    Get a life. Your shit posts are shitty. And it comes across stinking.
    Nick & Monkey forgove you, I gotta think if this is you What a Looser you are, As I sayd in first Comment.

    Sent from Verizon, Montana Cross 3 1.5542

  2. Paki ? ha ha ha , all the accent does not hide who you are, look into the mirror and be ashamed of your deeds lying for 25 years caught in your own game, you are not as smart as you have been telling yourself. hurts ?, sorry for you, inconsequential you are . You have lied from the first day itself. if you can do no good, at least try.