Monday, July 6, 2015

The times we live in

So digital world lets us work from home, or while sitting down, check out the body language, wonder how the body is able to sustain this abuse as we peer over the equipment’s

is this evolution? This is what I heard from folks

  • Krishna Shenoy Today generation has no time to play or climb trees but only play games on L P ! There will not be another
    Sacin or milkha!
  • Kavita Raval · Friends with Krishna Shenoy
    Ma'm hopefully when I marry n have might see future Sachin or Milkha in them lol
  • Anil Rout The change is inevitable Bosssssss.
    & like someone had said survival of the fittest, this generation will someday criticize the next generation for what god knows??
  • Sunit Kumar Sen Can we say this is generation gap?
  • Rajat Ghosh Anil Rout who is the fittest is the question, not on the ipad for sure I am thinking smile emoticon

    Amar Dhillon · 2 mutual friendsNo matter how it is all explained and 'justified', it is hard for me to accept that this is part of evolution and change, and therefore quite ok. There cannot be any good when we turn away from 'nature'. Praveen
  • Krishna Shenoy True I agree Mr Dhillon there.
    Can not be any good if we turn away from nature!
  • Surekha Tenneti Venugopal Krishna and Parveen, how completely I agree with you. Dont these modernising gysmo-specialists know that for many ailments walking barefoot on dewy grass every morning is a cure in itself, and steel actually can cause allergies ? 
    Raja your photogrsphy as usual is classy with the combo of B&W and Blue.
    But alas for the idiocy of the modern mind....!

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