Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Investors beware: Indian and India is where there can be no honesty, so then can your medical trials be honest ?

Great lesson learned , don't ever do anything without paper work in place.

Was contacted by a company from USA a medical co, they were interested in making films, to have professionals talk about how very professional they are in there Indian operations, and how they  are so world class within India TOO,  We worked with them for 3 months, got them all info they needed to film, scouted locations and organized it all for them, just before the shoot - they hired another vendor, refusing to pay us for work done by us, as we did not have paperwork signed by them ( yes I did send them paper work that they did not return signed, and we TRUSTED them )  once there Indian partner got involved, a week before the shoot, THIS happened  after they even had us shoot location pictures and finalizing where filming can happen.

If this is the honesty of the company while dealing with vendors what’s the likelihood that their data and numbers are not fudged in clinical trials done in India. I for one will not trust a medical trial that’s done in India . Not believing what the medical company’s say.

Oh yes I did catch them twice in between when they lied : should have been a red flag for us right then, we needed to learn it the hard way

Shame on you for cheating, how far can you really go  with your cheating ways I am curious to see now, maybe Far in this day and age.

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