Saturday, April 30, 2016

Water Water

Mango season is here

It is hot brutally hot, I am told the heat is needed to ripen the mangoes, 

so I stop complaining and understand why mangoes grow where there 

is dry heat.  Like Malda,  a part of North Bengal 

Its summer and the rich are selling water, selling water at a premium, 

 making a killing, what’s there investment, the pump to pull water and 

maybe electric if they pay the bill that is

As is the norm, the labor is bonded labor who are working over the 

years and are paid when they need money, else they are not paid 

nothing, or next to nothing

Cant blame the landlords, as the labor too dont  want to think of the 

future, he would rather grab what ever he can today, lees and lesser is 

ok with him if it is money in hand,  

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