Monday, May 29, 2017

The Big Bull

Big Bull

On a ride finally on my 500 CC   MACHETTE for A SPIN 125 KM covered as I go for breakfast with a few pals from RKMC,,  the findings of  the day riding a 500 CC bullet

It’s a whole different experience to be riding a bike with power to spare, riding at 120 KMPH, and still  have power to overtake others feels good:)

Suddenly I realize when riding with the thumpers why some riders always disappear over the horizon, well the big bull just needs to go faster and faster


When riding in a group and if one is lost, one still feels comfortable to catch up with ones group member even if it involves riding back and forth

I pulled off to take a piss on the side of the road, , n a few bikes passed me, n once back on the bike I caught up with the other bikers too soon it felt,  was surprised I was on them so soon, felt good.  

Sit back and enjoy the ride  I say and ya the big bull is a pleasure, keep a lookout for a short film on the trip.

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