Monday, December 17, 2018

kedarnath the film


The weekend found me in Kolkata , a city of joy indeed, I took some time off to watch a film named Kedarnath: A film on love
Exploring the  the usual premises- ( snore)
Hindu - Muslim love story 
Hindu girl, falls for Muslim Guy,    ( try a muslim girl with a hindu boy and watch the fun)  
been there, done that, such films been going on for ever and is a premises that is not new for the nth time

It was so obvious what was going to happen, it was silly.
Finally the guy gave it all up including his life for her, well what did it really achieve, what was the take away, handling a climatic scene is always a challenge, and once agin this film fails to explore new ground in the climax, Sorry but another forgettable film.

And to try to suggest the utterakhand floods happened because of the family opposing the union of the guy and the girls from different community what a lame ass idea.

The special effects of the floods were awesome, and worth a watch for sure,

would rate it as a One, #kedarnath on storyline.

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