Saturday, April 20, 2019

The uninformed blaming the uninformed

Birds of a kind

It is amazing that the need to put the workforce to work, mostly doing work that is not needed.  Just to engage them and give them work, so the corporate bosses feel they have a work force that is working, even though the work is useless and serves no one, but pushes customers away

I asked to port my number from Voda -post paid to voda-prepaid, It is within the same company, but have received 23 calls asking why was I porting out ? where will I port out to ? but they will love my trouble ( they dint ask what was troubling me ) 

 I wonder if robotics was used, or AI would they have made such uninformed offers

Also the folks who call they want to confirm my number (they called me, they know my number)
They want to know my name- They  called me and asked me by my name, " you know my name "
Then they want to know why was I porting out?
Which company will I port into?

All sort of useless information, and the caller himself is not aware  what they are offering !
So why call ? I ask

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