Sunday, June 9, 2019

The town of Irkutsk

 30th may it is,  

For display purpose only

After the hectic schedule of yesterday we had a slow start to the day, woke up at 0700 & had a round of yoga, a short one that helped open up the back, it was 1000 by the time we were done with Yoga, & then it was breakfast and figuring out what we wanted to do for the day, one of my camera lens has conked out, am not sure if I want to get it repaired, is it worth the cost or should I get a new one, Hmmm, 
Plug points and shape

Also a reminder to those travelling to Siberia, this is the Socket thats in use in Siberia, 2 pin, electrical so be ware and get plugs that work accordingly.

Anyway we walked around the city, felt good to be on the foot, n moving the body, Walking along the road did come arose tanks and rockets from olden times war memory, that I had to pose against a few tanks to remind myself that tanks are best used as props and not for actual use on people and, hope no war happens, and global peace is more of what I would like to see happen for ever and ever, 

Tanks in Park

 I also managed to exchanged money, do remember if you are like me, be careful old bank bills are often not accepted by Banks so be aware that you get crisp  new bank notes are what you should accept, we also  visited market where I came across Shoes, like I had never seen before, am tempted to buy one, but cost of RU 25000 for a pair and not being abel to use them chiefly was a reason I passed on buying these beauties

Shoes to be used at -40 degrees 

Met Mr Lenin

 , ate sushi which was more of non sushi, but just regular continental food ( I am in Serbia what was I expecting ? ) 
The meals on offer at Sushi joint

 then we walked some more, and came to a Motorcycle museum, or so I thought, 

Another Russian beauty

we bought Tickets Ru300/person, slightly steep, but it is a private museum, and spend 2 hours getting a taste of the Siberian Life and Russian life from Yesteryears, D made some lovely portraits of me, in a Siberian coat

 yes it was a part of the museum collection, which they let us use , the bike museum was a  interesting place we go to see how the olden times were, n how the houses were along with all old appliances and hand worked gizmos were,  quiet a few Jawa motorbikes and look alike motorbikes were preserved ,  before we were back home to relax, and have some food n then set off again at 2100 hours for sunset images,  yes today Photographed  the sunset and the bridge on the river Angara with some long and slow exposure, the fabulous Siberian sky
River Angara

Yes you read it right sunsets around 2100 hours and rises 0450 hour.  Tomorrow we will go to river Irkut and do sunrise images, time to hit the bed right away its 2315 hours anyway, am just ready to crash right now.

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