Sunday, August 22, 2021

when there is a will, theres a away

Day 511 since lockdown, Aug 21st 2021 The road to Patratu, the story behind this road: Jhindals were interested in setting up a power plant in Jharkhand, they had asked the government to make it possible to reach from airport to Patratu in an hour, and the government rose to the challenge.
Day 509 since lockdown, Aug 19th 2021 World Photography day is every day to me, & So is being with friends and having a good time, I take this opportunity to thank all photographers who helped me on my journey to be a professional photographer, #lonclark #richardmorgenstein #davidGAz #ericmillette #briansmale and many more Lucky to indulge in both today, the World had decided this is world photography day, A happy day for all photographers from all over the planet and beyond.

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