Tuesday, September 21, 2021

To Mandarmani, ( beach in West Bengal)

18th Sept
So today we are headed to the beach town of Mandarmani, a seaside place where the sky tends to merge into the sea n the receding sea is often 500 meters away in low tide, the plan is photograph a few moments and activity that will be unique.
I started from Jamshedpur at 0700 hours, cloudy, no rains, had a snack of one paratha and took few cucumber’s (they are full of water) for the way, Gps says it will take 6 hours for the 290 km odd, I presume the road will be mostly good and some bad patch, n I made good time stopping to use the restroom twice n to cool the car, some how I feel the car deserves a rest every 100 km, so it was a nice drive, overcast day meant I could take more pictures along the way I was half way into my trip, when I encounters bad roads a few km from Egra it was a bone rattling ride for the next 70 km till contain, and the existence of road was mostly missing, no idea why, reached mandarmani by 1300 hours n met e few friends who were already there, we had a wonderful lunch of fish n rice which would be our lunch for the next 2 days and we sadly encountered bad weather for the entire duration of our stay, the clouds were not well defined like I had hoped (cumulus clouds with blue sky as I had hoped for )
We stayed at The Golden retreat a wonderful place of stay, righ ton the beach n excellent food to boost. We still hung out there for 2 days and hoped things will improve but it was not to be, Toll between Jamshedpur and Mandarmani was approx. Rs260 My car returned a average of 17km/liter, Tata Nexon Petrol, driven mostly around 80 at max, which seems to give a better milage. time to say good bye 2 days later as I head off to Puri, my next destination on this trip.

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