Friday, November 4, 2022

Road trip : Tatanagar - to Chattisgarh, 2800 km trip, part Eight : Gopalpur and Traffic ticket


We had been on the road for a few days now and today we decided to just chill before we took off homewards, we had the whole return journey and the traffic ticked situation to be dealt with, final destination tomorrow will be Gopalpur in orissa.




we chose to take off at 0630 hours, which meant getting up by 530 and getting ready, we were sure no one was going to be up at the resort at this hour, so we had settled the bills previous day


Early morning we took off, today we were to do 500 + km, even though it would be a long day, no sweat as we knew we were going to be at Gopalpur and even if we reached late we would be fine, ( spoke  to the hotel to hold our reservation)  days have started getting  short and little chance of reaching before  sundown, having received a ticked we were definitely more careful.



To try and save my reputation of not  driving with a valid license. We would have to detour and deal with the echallan situation at Badli or Bhawinipatana as it would turn out eventually.

The drive was mostly by the same route that we had taken while coming to Bastar and we stopped along the way this time we had excellent dosa's for Breakfast along the way, 20km before Badli, on the state highway.



The drive was smooth n we were making good time, we managed to get to Badli,  get the " driving without license charge removed” they were aware of the situation and on us showing up they did the needful very quickly in the nearest RTO office which was in BhawaniPata, Orissa,

We stopped for lunch at 1320 hours; we were making good time and eating on right time, plus healthy food, at a roadside dhaba run by a family, at Ramanaguda in Raigad district.



The roads were mostly empty and we were doing good time, it almost seemed like we could make it in time for sunset at Gopalpur, Well sorry to say, but we almost made it but did not also. We got lost NH was one way and we lost 20 minutes trying to figure out the way, by the time we did, it was already past sunset time



We had a beach just outside our hotel; this particular hotel is very well situated for sunrise ( as we would eventually find out)  and sunset view.



Another day comes to an end, 530 km done this day and yes did I mention the Driving without license false charge was waved. Phew !

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