Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Visiting Bortir Bil near Kolkata once again

Now that Samit and family had left Kolkata I was once again free to wander and Brortir Bil caught our eye (it’s a water body and small fishing boats (don’t know how safe they are) do take people around on the swamp. 


Mukta and me were planning a trip around Kolkata and we were musing about a photography trip if weather held up well, 

 7th or was it 8th Sept

Today we had lunch n relaxed for a while. Waking up from my power nap I was ready for a 10 km small ride to pick up some supplies. But Mukta was in a mood for a photo expedition, and since women always win, I agreed to her whim, the sun was partially out and looked like it would not be raining in a hurry. Bortirbil was destination 35km from kolkata approx. We rode on following the Google map and reached nearby to the bil maybe 5 km to the destination we were joined by a Boatman on a motorbike started riding parallel to us. Chatting up with him, and listening to his story about the places (I had been here an year back in Nov 2022) the boats now cost Rs 300/per person, which I think is too much and maybe Rs 200 for 2 people would be ok. While I was plotting my bargaining strategy,


link to my last visit above

Nature Gods were making there own plans Suddenly the bike was wobbling and I realized we had a puncture, and with no tyre inflator with me. we were in for a nasty time, but thankfully The boatman helped us get to a puncture shop. 


 Now the nozzle which is used to fill air in the tyre had gotten damaged (more trouble) the puncture shop guy did not have a nozzle but he had a bicycle tube, from which he cut out the nozzle and put together the with my bike tube of the tyre, we (he and me) expected a life of 2 - 30 km before the tyre could again spring a leak, Not being sure how much distance it would hold we rode back towards Kolkata ( Bortir Bil would have to wait for another day) 


By now it was starting to drizzle and I was a little worried every time we went through a watery patch (what if the water got in the tyre and loosened the patch up work we had just done. Along the way we found a tyre shop, which sold us a tube but were not willing to fix it (lack of staff) I think it was more lack of willingness to work hard We reached back to Kolkata by 1800 hours and as we waited a traffic signal the skies opened up in full force and we were thoroughly drenched in no time. pouring rain from above and a hard shower that too, well I gritted my teeth and made my through waterlogged streets of Kolkata. 


Mukta insisted we go fetch and fetch some prawns from her house ( she is an amazing cook) which my hungry self agreed too, (I am a foodie) and her house being a few km off we rode got the prawns and found more water on the roads then we had bargained for, Kolkata is well known for water logging and we were finding out what it was all about first hand, We rode on and don’t ask me how but we managed to get back home with the bike working and not stalling in spite of riding through water which sometimes seemed to cover portion of the engine. 


The only Damage my phone had taken in water and was no longer working and till date it has not gotten repaired ( please pray it gets repaired )


 MUkta once more failed to make it on a boat ride into Bortir bil.( sorry girl, till next time )

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