Tuesday, April 20, 2010

wonder how the birds manage to live there life n the summer

Monday 19th, woke up from siesta at 1530, relaxed and fresh as a daisy, sat the computer on rubber ball for better back movement, for a while 15 minutes max, got up to a niggling pain on the right leg, decided to go for a walk, a good 45 minutes walk, which took me to a coffee shop, for a cold coffee and to sit around for half an hr with a friend, catching up on good old times, left the café the pain had increased enough for me to buy a tube of muscle relaxant, and to apply it there and then,

Back hm in 15 minutes and reading a magazine, Vogue ☺ well try to put my feet down, n the legs refusing to move, n excruciatingly painful to any movement at the knee area, the muscles around the knee seems to be very very stiff, n in 2 hrs time, could not move at all, felt like a degree of turn on the leg too would d make me sweat in pain, n anguish.
Called doctor, (my dad) spoke to him, took a muscle relaxant pill, n tried for 4 hrs to get sm sleep, pain increasing all along, n me convinced my leg will never recover maybe, dragged the bed to the door, (took 30 min to do that) in case I could not move later, wanted to be sure, I could open the door, if I called for help.
A torturous night, loads of painkillers and a very anxious me managed to get sm sleep around 3 in the morning, thanks to meditation and trying to heal the pain via meditation,
Following day

20th, early morning a pal came over, took me to the hospital , wated around the hospital for long hours as things moved at its own pace … I could manage to move my leg a little better by now, spend a few hours, doing x rays / blood tests, the doctor could not find nothing wrong with me, except suggest maybe I had a infection somewhere else, n this knee muscles acted up in sympathy to the other infection, sounded a lil hard to believe, but then he s the doctor, n I believe them.

Now am trying to rest my knee, as I try to indulge in my spiritual journey to heal the pain now from within, and get sympathy from friends and lovers :))

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