Thursday, October 13, 2011

business of cinema -04

So have u been visiting to see how the films are doing?

% Change is how much the collection has fallen from previous week.

Above 60 % drop means it’s really bad

50 – 60 % drop is acceptable

Up to 40 % is amazing (means people are talking about the film, n they keep coming back to see the movie)

Whatever the film makes when it premiers, it is assumed that 3 times of that will be the theater collection for the movie.

If a film is average collection is less then $ 5000/ screen, it will loose the screens

Usually it’s the teenagers who go to movies the 1st week

Studios usually don’t owe Movie Theater,

If 10 million is the P and A budget, then 1st that’s recovered, then anyone else gest there money

How to write resumes as a film business

1. It should be 1 page only



Ph. number


2. Work experience

3. Education experience

4. Languages you know

5. Sports (maybe)

a) Which ever is more put that 1st

b) Font is 12 point only

c) Do not give references

Resume should be like a magazine, easy to skim through

d) Do bullet points

imdb lists who represents a director

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