Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cinematography 01- 4

SO I WAS on the road arizona to LA, in 7 hrs of spectacular landscape in part and a lovely sunset to boot :)

Did u know, super 16 has perforation on one side only, so u get a wider negative J

Anamorphic lenses are delicate, they have shallow depth of field, out of focus lights will appear as oval (one-way to know a movie was shot anamorphic)

16mm has 2 perforations per frame

35mm has 4 perforations per frame

65 mm has 5 perforations per frame

At the rate of 24 frames per second, the film is actually exposed for 1/48th of a second,

Super 8mm film, runs at 20 feet/minute, 72 frames /feet- thus 200 feet runs for 10 minutes

16 mm at 36 feet / minute, 40 frames / foot – 400 feet is needed for 11 minutes

35 mm at 90 feet/minute, 16 frames /feet – 1000 feet per 11 minutes

65mm 112 feet/minute, 13 frames/feet – 1000 feet for nine minutes.


1. Spherical: is flat non-anamorphic lens

Normal: academy aperture proving aspect ratio off: 1.33 : 1/ 1.66: 1 and 1.85: 1 Dupe negatives are made through contact printing.

Super 35, spherical system, that uses more negative then the standard 1.85: 1, allows a use of wider variety off lenses greater depth of field then anamorphic it requires a additional optical step when making dupe negatives. Aspect ratio is; 1.85: 1 and 2.4: 1 can be printed anamorphic or spherical.

1. Anamorphic: it uses 59 % more film area then spherical lenses. And prides more efficient use of full negative. The aspect ration is 2.4:1; n is less grainy as it uses a larger negative area. Aspect ratios are also Panavision and cinemascope; Dupe negatives are made though contact printing.




Block actor movements

Block camera movements

Evaluate action, how much movement equipment needs, set changes that need to be addressed, what kind of coverage is needed, plan for placement of mike, n book mikes


Light for the stand in for the actors

Rehearse camera and dolly move in terms of lighting requirements, camera sound, light and grip department must know what to expect


First team actors do the final rehearsal

Assistant camera and dolly grip set mark

Electricians and grips tweak


Roll sound

Roll camera


Action begins

Cut by director

Final appraisal “ was it a good take “?

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