Thursday, May 16, 2013

Sekkor day 3 of shoot approaching

Summer is on us in full swing, they say it is 46 degrees (c) well it is hot, n I am indoors, tomorrow I will be going for 3rd shoot day on our film on Sekkor. A sport that is played under the summer sun.

    I realized how hot it really is, and how great a mechanism our body is, as I lay in bed this afternoon, relaxing under a fan, watching a really bad ad By Videocon.

Now I actually like Videocon as a company and use there products, but then watching there AD, One felt sad for the company, it is an company That I always felt never really got its due, was always looked down upon, and here there brand ambassador is an aging cricketer, who is unable to give up the limelight and is hanging around like an old dog, and an actor, who though young has not really been meeting the greatness one would have hoped he will achieve, just like Videocon.
Anyway   The Air conditioner has just been switched on, and slowly I can actually feel the dryness of my body is being replaced with Moisture, it was an amazing experience to actually feel it so. It was like water getting into the pores that was dry all this while, WOW.

The other day while at a shoot the camera ‘s were overheating, and we had to shut it all down, every 10 minutes, the equipment felt so hot to the touch, that I kept removing the battery physically from the camera thinking maybe the camera is still on, even though I have switched off the battery.    The body had just adapted to the surrounding and was functioning as if all is normal. Amazing indeed is the human body.  Great indeed is the creator.

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