Sunday, April 20, 2014

12 hours later - Dandy Khata

Evening 1600 hours we head out to Palashy, As we approached the village we noticed the road being wetted down with water and fervor of passion amongst the villagers.  We could hear the drum beats as we approached the village pond. And then we saw them in the setting sun,

Either rolling or doing surya namaskar with family in tow to fan and cool them, and to mark the distance covered, no cheating allowed, Pleasing the Lord Shiva is Serious business.

Sanyasis roll a distance of 1.5 km or they do surya pranam for the distance takes almost 2 hours to traverse the distance.

There were not just men who were busy appeasing Lord Shiva.

even women and children were involved where the husband  marked the distance and were fanning there other half as they prostrated  themselves along the way to the village Lord Shiva temple. 

The women while not sanyasis do this journey for there family and husbands long life and well being.

This young boy, all of 6 years was also following him mother and covered the distance with glee and devotion as anyone else.  Well done young man I say.

As dusk sets in , the women and men exhausted make there way to the old Lord Shiva temple and end there journey,  almost 2000 surya namaskar’s later, yes we say all make it all the way what a brilliant sight to see them all succeed, amazing human endurance.

Nature bows to the spirit of these humans as dusk sets in, another 2 days to go for new new year to set in.

The Gajan festival is held over 7 day period, the last day of the festival being the last day of the Month of Chaitra, the day that CHARAK is celebrated, usually on 14th April, according to Bengali – English calendar.
The next day is the start of the Bengali New Year.

The next 2 blog entry will be about Gajan and how it transpired, if interested in buying images, and or story please contact:

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