Sunday, April 20, 2014

Penultimate day of Gajan mela 2014

0500 hours

The next day saw the playing with head ritual, it was quiet a packed house in Kurmun as people flocked from all over it seemed to come get a glance of the sanyasi’s with the skulls, playing with the skulls, Lord Shiva was fabled to be playing dancing with the skulls and this is reenactment of how the lord is. The started at the local Crematorium where the skulls were hidden and the sanyasis (few who could resource them) did show up with the skulls.

It was not just humans that turned up in huge numbers but also gods who were stacked up along the way to have a look at shiv in his elements doing his fun and crazy dance.

PLEASE wait for animation to Load, this might take some time

Yes u did see it right he is indeed carrying a skull.

he rituals over for the morning most of the crowed dissipated only the ladies of the house were at the Shiva temple with there offerings to Lord shiva‘s idol, lighting candles and thanking him for listening to there prayers.

Time to take a break and prepare and fortify our self for the evening session of " Dandi Khata "
read the next blog entry for images and experience that will shake you up 

The Gajan festival is held over 7 day period, the last day of the festival being the last day of the Month of Chaitra, the day that CHARAK is celebrated, usually on 14th April, according to Bengali – English calendar.
The next day is the start of the Bengali New Year.

The next 2 blog entry will be about Gajan and how it transpired, if interested in buying images, and or story  please contact :
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