Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mumbai- Jamshedpur- Kolcutta- Mumbai- Kolcutta- Mumbai n its only 18th

Another month has slipped by,

Went on a trip to Jamshedpur to meet parents, mom is 76 and is so strong, makes one feel proud of Mother, and what she is able to achieve.

A week back we started renegotiating on a project that had been shelved for 12 months, and while on this trip
Serendipity struck and I was able to shoot a game of Sekkor final, aren’t you curious game it is?  

The trip was cut shot by an assignment form one of my favorite clients after 3 years almost, so it involved a rush to Mumbai and then again the day post the assignment was back again to Kol and Jamshedpur to finish my visit to my mom,

Followed by a Pick up shoot at Burdwaan on the film we are working on,
As usual the folks at Burdwan was awesome and very helpful, and was I glad to see them, it involved lots of food, I mean lots and lots and yes we even met a musician who did a few songs for us for the film, how nice was that I ask,

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