Monday, June 30, 2014

New camera time

After a long time I was involved in shooting and testing a camera
Yes time to buy another camera, is it a whimsical buy or a well thought out buy?
My 35mm canon 5d mark2, is 8 years old, and still doing OK,
I did see some signs of age on the camera recently and thus on the trip to find newer cameras.

Here are a few images from the camera Sony a7s, 

NO post Processing, as captured

1 : 1 crop 

Listing other cameras that I am using

Canon 5d mark2
Canon 7d

Sony NEX -6
Sony NEX -7

Casio exliim (don’t remember the rest)

Previous cameras that I owned along the way , 

Hasselblad 501 cm
Toy view 5 *4 field camera

Nikon 1dx

Sinar 4 * 5, f1
Sinar 4 * 5, f2

Nikon fm2
Nikon fe2

Nikon n90
Nikon n90s

n thats only in 14 years of career in photography. 14 cameras already 

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