Saturday, February 28, 2015

She needs to leave, and yes it is you not her that makes it happen

She will tell u she needs to leave WHY?

And it will be the day when you are dealing with love a love song, or editing a love piece, or filming a love story

Is it cause I never made her feel loved enough?

Or cause she cant love one?

Whatever it is, let her go and find herself and her love where she will

Don’t be bitter for what you are losing don’t remember what you had, JUST BE

“ chitta vritti Nirodha “

You are here to be a observer of life neither happy neither sad, just BE


  1. Are these comments of yours visible to anyone who wishes to see them ? For, these need to be seen by a few, to know what's going on with your feelings...

  2. Or you got caught cheating and bullshitting your way through life. The game of life is a boomerang. Our actions return to us with astounding accuracy.
    Your Picture is dishonest, plane is is photoshopped. A lie. Like your philosophy horse crap. Idk you, I get a impression you are just an egoistic bastard talking big. All noise no substance. Get real Dude.

    1. Who are you, Crystal?
      How do you happen to know this two faced bugger We had a the most terrible experience working with him at the behest of a friend, who is also being put through unimaginable distress by the man. So you seem to have read him right.

    2. using fake id's , thats a crime by itself , but then what would you know such, when your whole life you have been lying, it is my kindness that you take for weakness, anyway rid of useless you.