Saturday, February 21, 2015

Switching to GH4

Sony Get your act together PLS, its no use making products that are great if your marketing team is too busy to share the products.

Two – Three   month after the Sony A7S was launched, I wanted a demo of the product to buy a couple of those babies,

Contacted the Sony Guys and there marketing agent, demo in charge offered me: his words “ if you can come to the highway in 30 minutes I can show you the camera at the signal of Santa Cruz east, and yes we have sold 7 units already “

I really really had to make an effort to collect myself, in my mind

The agent wanted me demo the camera to me at a busy signal in daytime for a camera whose main selling point was low light capability, in daytime at a busy street where he would be driving by.

And dude there are 5000 yes Five thousand photographers in andheri alone, and you are claiming how bad, sorry how good your product is that you sold 7, yes SEVEN cameras in the entire country of 1.3 billion,

So here I am selling all my Sony gear and switching to GH4, as Sony hopefully prepares there sales team to ACTUALLY care to work and Sell the cameras.

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