Friday, January 29, 2016

We are at nagpur, Whats riders mania

We had changed into our club colors and sweats before we reached the venue to ride in as Royal Kings 
Bikes blazing and loud as hell, there were some 

1000 bikers at the location already, 

it was a lovely feel to be there amongst the brothers, some old friends meeting , the regulars at the Rm meeting and greeting, the warm hugs exchanged,  some paper work was to follow and we were finally inside the venue by 1800 hours to go and park the bikes and find our accommodation, - dorm tents.

What a disaster this was, the hosting club was lacking in facility management, they had maybe 20 porta potty for 20000 bikers, obviously they believed that bikers would prefer to do there jobs in the open, the accommodation was really really bad, the tents were badly made, 

with open sides and nights usually saw water dripping by 5 am, as the due would start dripping, forcing us to spend the nights by the fire,  or sitting around the fire and sleeping as it was bone chilling cold,

the potty for the 2000 riders 

 It was  obviously some tent guy made a neat packet, by compromising on the build, knowing bikers are all macho and hate to complain, n then what the heck, once there they would suffer in silence as they always do , big boys acting like kids, who don’t want to be seen as trouble makers,  the lack of comprehension by the organizers was at large on how to get a tent made,     it was a indicator of things to come , like Food was bad, lack of water to wash up and so on , the list is so long that One could go on focusing on the shortfalls,   lets move on

Party night , every night 

What’s RM you ask,
Well it is Basically it was about buying accessory and partying every night for as long as one could, hanging out with friends, making new friends who also like to ride a Enfield, who think like you, live like you, and just be,

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