Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Pink Flemingo in Mumbai

It was a weekday and nothing much to do, except explore the city, the city of Mumbai and nature some might wonder, well if one knows where to head to there are surprises and it sure was a surprise as we headed to sewri with a friend, and her little one, they were going to be bored or not, I was sure to find some gem of images from Mumbai.

Waiting on the highway for the pick up, was with me a lovely Burkha clad lady, helping me make images of Mumbai nervous but brave to be facing the stares from the vehicles

But once in Sewri the flamingoes were not to be seen, it was high tide, n they had hidden themselves in the mangroves, a little exploration n yes they were indeed there,  the pinkest of Pink in the late evening sun was indeed a site to behold before they flew off for the evening to there night resting place which I feel is Chembur side of the water body.

My Photography buddy for the evening getting her fill of other mammals 

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