Sunday, August 13, 2017

Opportunism or just plain corrupt OR,

I started on a trip today the 13th Aug. 2017,  

The fists ride to the nearest station was on a taxi, which charged me Rs 10 more, then the rate. I PAID the extra 10.

THEN I ASKED FOR SERVICE OF A PORTER (COOLIE) I knew the rate for the porter was Rs 50 per trip, I offered Rs 100, and he upped his rate to 150, as I declined and he followed to bargain with me, I finally paid him Rs 80. (I saved 20)

Watched a kid in the station begging, and while I thought about him and his situation, watched a lovely young girl buy him some food, he ate a bit and left the rest, n was back to begging (I doubt that money will do him much good, maybe buy him trouble- gambling, drinking, smoking, girls, his life for him to do as he does. Age no bar, am I being too liberal? )

Boarded the train, watched a couple gush over there kid, and the wife still was taken in with the husband and not just the kid, the man was just starting to turn into his manly self ordering and planning his wife’s life how and what she should do, n she was agreeing on some and not on other, as his macho self played out, he started to occupy more of the space on the berth he was sharing with his wife and kid, and his size doubled, he needed more space around him, n his leg, arms started to accidently hit me and almost hit my mom without an apology for his behavior, finally his leg was resting on my lap almost,    a Tea vendor was handy as I drank a bit and used the rest to wash his trouser ( accidentally ) , he got the drift I though, as I profusely apologized.
Few minutes on he was back to the same game, n this time an accidental meeting with my boot, did help reduce his need for space, another accidental body slam into his solar plexus got the message through, finally
The trip ended and I was back in Kolkata station

Once again a porter (coolie) I offered him 50 we agreed to 80, and was a long walk, paid him an extra 20. Managed to walk through touts and taxi drivers who were very worried for my safety and very curious how much I was willing to pay for my next trip to destination, promising cheap rates and all that, finally I was in a cab, that I had prepaid to take me to my destination, enrooted he told me, as I had decided to keep a bag on the seat, I would have to pay him extra as it was against the rule of KP (Kolkata Police)
On further query how it worked he informed me, that I would not get to know even, the cop would notice it and ask for his license and fine him (case khabo – in Bengali)
On asking what section of law is applied for the same, he promised on Lord Vishwakarma the God of All things mechanical, that he was telling the truth.

SO it seems like I met people who are working and poor are all corrupt, or opportunists trying to make more money, by bending the law


  1. Corruption is deep rooted. The magnitude depends on the stature of the individual.