Monday, August 7, 2017

Serendipity, brother and sister on rakshabandhan day

The brother

As I am preparing for a shoot on a film about Jamshedpur, I am scouting for locations and stories places that stir my soul, and places that have stirred the soul of Jamshedpuria’ans

I was driving to catch a sunset, as I drove to my sunset point by a river confluence I was aware of the improbability of getting a interesting image looking at the sky that was overcast, the hopeful voice in my said- “ keep driving you will be rewarded” and so I did an 10 minutes later even as I saw a relatively boring sky, I decided to hang out and try for some images

The river and boat always makes for nice images

 Of other subjects then what I had intended, a few shots of kids at play later, I spied a girl that I was curious about, she was different, as I was wondering how to get her to agree to be photographed by me, a guy came up n wanted to make a few images of me, I gave in, n we bonded over his images of me, n then it turned out the girl is yellow was his sister, 

The sister

"rakshabandhan day,  brother sister ,,, Needless to say it was a opportunity that was not to be squandered and another serendipity moment in my life as I made a few images of the girl in fading light  ending the evening with the Moonrise, a full moon on the rakshabandhan evening


The photo gods have been kind once more

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