Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The country as is

The street dwellers

The simple life, living on the footpath, the common man/ women is happy and the country seems to be for them, you develop and then start getting heartburn every time the country fails you.

The GAME of THRONES are on and 23rd it will be start of Mahem, and these folks will be choosing the kingsmen

14th May,

once more on a train and once again the train was 25 minutes late on a ride that was 240 minutes long, we live in hope that the country will run a train on time some day ,   and not just Ipad wielding Ticket collectors this is the vision of the citizens of this country

this was the 4th ride that was late this year

previous ones that were late details are :

10 may train was 20 minutes late

06 APRIL TRAIN WAS 45v minutes late

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