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Travelling to Patna, a friend is getting married

The Gurudwara we visited at Night in Patna

15th may I am off to a wedding of a friend - harsha Mishra , a daughter of a priest from Patna with a streak of adventure in her, and her family encouraged her,so happy for her lifestyle, yes she is getting married a tad early , but then am sure it is for the better, we had met and spend a evening together, 5 months back, she was just 18 at that time, and we had a meal and shared some press together and today 6 months later I along with 3 of my biker friends are off to Patna, 486 KM approx. each way to attend her wedding and watch her get married and start a new phase of life.

It was s spontaneous decision to attend the wedding and it was a great decision for sure in hindsight,

15th morning we were to start at 0600 hours and I was ready by 0615, but the Travel Gods had other plans and we were on our way by 0730 hours,
It was a pleasant day, temperature was 29 degrees, and we were at Chowka, We fueled up, 45 liters of fuel and odometer reading was 25417, we were on our way, the clock read 0800,  our next stop was at MAA hotel, along the highway for breakfast of, Dosa, Tadkka Roti, Cofee , the hotel is at Tamarh, near Deori temple

foods ok, slightly pricey for a dhaba but, BUT for the female travellers good news, the bathroom are good and very usable,

And the security guard who helps Folks Park is a hoot to watch a he goes about flagging down cars for a meal

We were at Ranchi by 1025 hours and had covered  almost  130 km by mid morning,
A few more hours on the road, was a pleasant drive and we made good time, as the car raced along the highway, 

 The roads were mostly good and while on ramgarh Ghat roads we stopped, for sugarcane juice along the roadside, a pleasant exchange of body fluids in the summer day, with temperatures being at 37 degrees centigrade by now.
Suger cane juice stop

A few hours later we were at Jhumritillaya, and was met by a rider Sameer Ahmed who was waiting for us on the highway how nice of him, 

lassi time
 some chit later we indulged in having some yummylicious Lassi and reminiscing rides we had done together a few years back, it was a pleasure to relax and catch up on where some of our friends are and then we were on our way once more headed towards Barhai, reroute to Patna

We reached Barhai at 1350 hours , not really hungry we still had a few bites of Bihar local food Litti, on the highway as we waited and met up with Devraj another friend and once we managed to locate him, we convinced him to accompany us to Patna and now we were 5 as we drove on towards Patna. The Road from Barhai to Bihar Sharif are still single lane, and traffic a nightmare I pity those who live along the road, am sure there are fatalities galore for it is so easy for a small child to venture out on to the road, and is a wonder that so many people still live there without getting hit every few minutes.

Google Live location feature had allowed us to be located by Kodarma Rider Sameer Ahmed and now it was once more helping the BRS guys in Patna to monitor our progress as we made our way towards Bihar Sharif, the idea was to meet near Biharsharif and then we would travel into the city together.

Meeting with Brs riders, Sagar and sagar 

our path today

 Harsha Mishra, the bride to be is a rider and also a member of BRS, they Patna riders wanted to ride out, 40 off KM to meet and greet us, and help us navigate our way to Patna city where we would be staying for the night, near the venue of the wedding  it was 1930 hours 

we pulled into Patna Bal sahib Gurudwara finally what a magnificent view to end the day, we planned to stay here overnight 

Patna Sahib 

but then Our Brothers from BRS had other plans 
and we had a wonderful Biryani dinner

The food 

and were wished away to Hotel Ajit in Center of the city where more riders were waiting to meet up with us, 

All of us pose to end the day

Tommorow would be the marriage , it was 1200 hours by the time we said good bye and Looking forward to another day with BRS Biker brothers
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