Saturday, June 8, 2013

Benu Mohanlal This one prefers a stick to a chick...yehi hai right choice, baby!

Rajat Ghosh:  MAYBE this dragonfly would be happier if it had a chic to be in an intimate position with, and luckily there is no sports body that it has to report to. FREE choice it is called

@ archers in national meet were found in a compromising position and have been banned from national and international meets too? WOW and we wonder why there are rapes in the nation every minute? SEX is too Overrated in India, the land of kamasutra!

  • Stefano Notarbartolo I wonder how much the hypocrisy of British Victorian society which ruled for way too long in India is responsible for this mass paranoia against sex. The same culture that gave Kamasutra, Khajuraho and Tantra as ways to see sex as a natural part of life an ed an eventual sadhana, now sees it just as pornography while it's much more than just that

  • Aarti Mehta India is all messed up w.r.t sex..

  • Rajat Ghosh its just fear runnign us all

  • Jayashree Raju We are a confused nation....!

  • Shubhenjit Chaudhuri There was no ban when at the Asiad village, athletes of different countries freely mingled and tangled leaving behind thousands of used up condoms. Self righteous bastards with highly dubious moral credentials themselves are running the establishments in this highly hypocritical country. I won't blame the Victorians. I think Walk the Talk has rarely been part of Indian culture and is a big impediment to our t of Indian culture and is a big part of Indian culture and is a big impediment to our progress.

  • Benu Mohanlal ...and "MP govt shows 'pregnant' brides the door...given marching orders ..." today's TOI, front page! We are not confused, we're sexist, patriarchal and intolerant, amongst many other things!

  • Rajat Ghosh Are we getting what we deserve or ,,, I think it is important to stand by these guys ! hope they also have the balls to fight the system.

  • Vijay Rajan Singh If archers can be banned, then why not Abhishek Manu Sanghvi from entering into Supreme court , who was found in a compromising position . And that's a bigger issue , showing how corrupt is our judiciary . Position of Judge in exchange of Sex.

  • Jags Bedi It's time there was yet another ministry to oversee this. " Ministry of Sexual Affairs". But then so what ....Who is John Galt?

  • Rajat Ghosh Jags Bedi he could be the man who heads the ministry of sexual affair like u say, n he belives in total free choice for all by all .

  • Utterly Indigo tourists have been affected by this too... (but if it were me, i wouldn't be traveling as a single female and waiting alone at a bus stop at night in the middle of himachal pradesh)... just saying...

  • Pinaki Bhattacharya A nation of bigots run by bigots. You can replace the word bigot with hypocrite. Or Misogynists.

  • R Nelson Fernandes are politicians allowed into Parliament after being accused of Rape or Paternity suits? and these crooks heading the Archery Sports Association are banning the sportspeople!!!
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