Tuesday, June 11, 2013

the Failing Tata's, and the incorrect projections about the private sector

The failed private sector Corporates:

No matter how big you are, once you have unlimited money, it will be downhill as power goes to help.

Take the cars of Tata Docomo, the Tata name use to generate trust and one presumed they would do the right thing, one would get good customer service. After all they are in private sector where customer is the king.

But then like all companies, in an attempt to make a few bucks more outsourcing was or low quality hire is the name of the game.

The TATA gallery says, in spite of having my pan number, which is unique only to me?
In spite of having my driving license number, which is unique to me?

They claim if I do not have my phone number they cant locate my record.  And thus can't accept payment.
 Does that sound like an excuse to not work, or worse, OUTDATED software, which has minimum capability to locate data of a customer?

Shame on you TATA GROUP.  Sorry Mr Ratan Tata, with your departure the company is on fast track to who knows where? 

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