Saturday, June 29, 2013

Reaching for the Moon

29th JUne, at karandi , there was the head of tribal welfare center, Urmila Ekka who was quiet keen to get a copy of all images that I might have created at the HUL divas celebration, while claiming she was worried about the rights of the artists and was keen that the artist should be given a royalty for any use of the image.   Interesting fact - It makes me Presume that the TATA’S are paying royalty for every image they use in there publication.

That could be a fact that I would be hard pressed to believe, based on my personal interactions, but then maybe they do pay, just that the people who are featured did not know that.  Time for all the Localities and any one associated with that Tatas to look and check if there image has been used, According to the Head of TRSDS they pay for use of your image.  So there is a check waiting for you.

Tata Docomo -  I have received 2 sms as bill reminder today ,( 4 total )     2 reminder sms yesterday that bill is due on 14th .

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