Sunday, June 10, 2018

Mango Seasons here

Mango season is upon us

This month saw me headed out to a village to spend time with nature as monsoon threatened to drop in early, and now being the cusp of mango season, I might and did get some raw mangoes before they ripen to pulpy squishy mature mango

I grab my camera and am off to explore the village, see what the village is up to, and I come across this, I will leave it for you to figure out what is happening here, it is just as is, this village is by the way 70 % Muslims and I wonder if there is a divide and awareness amongst kids about there religious identity.

Kids at play

The first day as I stepped out there was a wonderful sight, trees laden with mangoes, most trees overrun with mangoes and branches bent with the weight of mangoes, well I did indeed go a few days too soon, and the mangoes were sour like no tomorrow,

The weather is overcast n I make my rounds around the village, trying to capture the lovely moments that exists in the surroundings
Bindi n her goats

The young and the old equally endearing and there smile to die for I say ,,,

Shibu the tree climber

As I make my way across the village, I meet Shibu a farmhand who is an amazing tree climber and I know I will be using his services soon to get to the mangoes.

I continue on my walk to aquant myself with new families in the village or the new arrivals, kids who I have not before,  it is a fruitfull walk and I make my presence know to all around as I merrily make images of the villagers, , there is something magical about mothers and kids and I love photographing that particular set up,  there purity shining forth all the way.

 I make my way along the village, and look for images I can use to teach, there is a workshop coming up in 7 weeks time, (I do conduct Photography workshop, should be interested in the same do email me,) and I want to have new images for the students, 

the proverbial Blue door comes in handy as does the pattern of the bamboo, the haystacks balancing the weight of the image at the corners and the pattern of the red brick is just too sweet a image to pass by, Don’t I love walking and making images right now, so many Images all around just waiting to be collected by the camera.

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