Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The journey back from Digha

Starfish washed on the beach

Next day morning saw us at the beach at 0600 hours, thanks to a van ride, it is a three wheeled rickshaw with a diesel generator as power mechanism, and you pay 20 - 30 rs per person, it sits approx 10 people 

in the Sea
and a couple of hours of in the sun and boating, and racing around the beach and yes more sea food.

Mother and Daughter setting up food stall

Headed to beach to set up stall

It was interesting to see how the female in this coastal town works hard and is proud of the work they do, women entrepreneurship is very high and they are proud of what they do, I did see men work but were not the driving force in the business as the women were

we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel, to prepare for the journey back home,  where we met a few riders from Puruliya who were also in town, 

Riders from Puruliya, westbengal

we exchanged good byes at the roadside and two of us from Rkmc took off while a few NDG and Rkmc decided to ride together later
Good bye for now

we started back at 1500 hours, Raja and me headed out early, I am a strict believer in not riding at night, and like to finish my ride as early with daylight still available as could be, while the others waited to finish a slow luxurious lunch

Along the way we got lost (rather the GPS decided that way we should ride, and we followed and took a different route, coming in Via Behragora, 

Experience the ride 

along the way we took a state highway and as luck would have it, Raja paajis bike ran out of fuel, well we lost a few minutes as we towed the bike to the nearest gas station 7 km away and fuelled up as we headed back home,

One stop for Picture enroute

The road home
It is amazing how good roads can turn to pits of death, every few km the highway was non existent and it would be100m of bad road or no road again a few km of excellent road, Maybe the powers that be think this is how speed is controlled, not realizing this is how vehicles are damaged and people killed, I can only dream of the day when it will be mandatory for every politician to ride these road at 100km per hour and see how they fare, I have complete respect for truck drivers who risk there life to keep the country supplies moving , A huge shout out to those brave-hearts

Back home ( almost 
Finally we were home catching the start of the rains as we reached home by 1945 hours, 

The night riders of RKMC and NDG, on there way, they reached back by 2300 hours

the odometer read 
Day Ends

Now all that remains is to give my bike a wash

Till we ride again, Good bye for now, watch out for the film from the ride

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