Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Public sector – Canera bank and BSNL

I have an account at Canera bank,
It has taken 3 months and I have managed to get net banking activated
While I waited at the bank for system to work I heard the officer chat about his next posting,
Home situation,
Where manager’s position is available,

All in office hours when he is supposed to be working, even at end of 2 hours some one else told him how to deal with my situation and a third person actually did the work, while he sat around and chatted on the phone,
Seemed like if eh had focused on his work it was something that needed maybe 10 minutes of work if one was attending to me,

And you wonder why scams happen at banks? Well cause the officers are at work doing everything but work,

Lets come to BSNL My ECS at BSNL was rejected because of a server glitch I was told, the local exchange which is a km from my house and which collects money and updates plans but cant deal with any trouble I was told, had me travel 15 KM to get a fresh mandate done, for ECS.
Well I went there and was told, “ oh no we don’t know why it did not work, but there is no reason for it not to work, and we are sure it will work this time” thus   to give a fresh mandate, so lets wait for the next billing cycle

On informing them my Mother is 81 years old approx. and will not be able to come, I was told they would work out something.
Which brings up the question
 why they did not work out something this time around instead of harassing a customer, is it cause every ones time is cheap and we as a society do not sue the government for wasting time and money f there customers, Or is there a directive to made sure the PSU’s fail so certain other players get more customers,

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  1. Rajat, the banking sector everyday goes worse and worse. I’m sent regularly stock-advice by a special ‘relationship manager’. I have repeatedly told them, even yelled at them that I want none of it. But ask the Bank, why my ATM card doesn’t work in certain transactions, the banker does not know. Why despite my giving in writing more than twice, the transaction messages are not sent, the banker does not know. Ask him if an NRI must close his local account or not, the banker does not know. WHAT DOES HE KNOW ? So much better were our erstwhile banks where customers were made to sit down with a banker, and attended to with knowledge of all banking rules. Today the banking sector is only a namesake one, in reality, ‘tis often quite shameful.