Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Sons need to be moulded

Red hot - need to be moulded 

Do you know why men typically are busy recording rape instead of helping the victim, ? CAUSE  THERE MOTHER DID NOT TELL THEM TO

Watched a movie today
Yes it’s a few years old

As I switched on the Tv the scene was

“ a bull was chasing a girl ( Ms Funny Bones ) and a guy was standing and watching her beigNG chased by a bull  the camera cut between the two for 3 to 5 shots before the mother instruct
“ karan kahare khare kya dekh rahe ho?  Who ladki musibat mein hain, Jao us ladki Ko bachao “

( karan what are you watching standing around, that girl, she is in danger, go save her, help her )

ONLY THEN the guy jumped on to his horse chased the bull and saved the girl,

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