Monday, May 21, 2018

Rkmc to Digha

Its morning 0400 hours and am up in bed wondering should I get out of bed, normally I have a tough time waking at 430 am, but today we will be heading to Digah and I am up earlier then usual, maybe the excitement to be heading out with a bunch of Guys and gals to a sea side, it will be a 5 hours ride, not bad, I think to myself as I roam the house in my shorts looking for stuff to do this early as I grab a pair of shorts and T-shirt and glares, packing done, I remember to get my camera, and now to saddle up

A cup of coffee is all I want to have, n I sip on my coffee as I prepare and finally 530 hours I am set to leave, I saddle up and by 0600 hours am out of the door and head to the rendezvous point where my bike seems to be the first, and it is 0615, I groan internally, knowing it will be a warm morning and with other riders getting late to the start point it will be a midday ride, with the hot summed sun keeping us company and reminding us we should have been off the block on time.

A phone call to raja confirms he is waking up now, and will be at the start point by 0700 hours at the earliest

There is a new RE showroom in Bistupur and the owner is also coming in the trip along with his wife, yes they were at the store before me, thank god for small mercies

Bikes for trial at showroom

Indemnity signed we are ready to start the ride, I wonder if  I should park my bike and borrow a Himalayan from the Re guys, but then, am already set on my 500 cc, and want to see how I manage to ride with a tank bag on board, yup bought a new Rynox Tank bag at the last RM in Mumbai .

Some of the riders of RKMC

It is a smooth ride for most part and we are making time ok,  drinking lots of water as we stop at places and crowed keeps gathering to gawk at the chopper of Raja, 

Designed by Raja 

Gawkers Galore

everyone wants to admire and take selfies with the bike, weird but then how often an one be rude on these matters, and Raja is a dear person to put up with these requests at every stop 

500 cc classic by the roadside 

 and a couple of hours later we were at Digha a sea side town with smooth sea at the beach,  the odometer says 

it had been 280 odd km we had ridden in seven and half hours, 
to check in and get some food, bad call on food as I had preferred to eat on the way , 
But then some folks were too egoistic to realize the practicticality of the
  situation, and we had to wait another 2 hours for food to be served.

Taking a break once again along the way ,,,

The great thing about bikers is rarely do people indulge in “ I told you so syndrome” and people just make the best of the situation this is, a happy state of mind to be in, a very admirable quality I feel that is.

While at Digha the evening came quick and I went on a stroll to the beach,

bike for hire

There are bikes available for hire by the hour Rs 200 / hour to entertain oneself and ride along the beach instead of walking along the beach which does tend to be tiring, after a while specially on summer days


HUNGRY riders with crabs

Well where these is beach sea food has to follow and fresh catch from the sea is avalaible at really cheap cheap rates,

Crabs waiting to be eaten

Prawns and crabs available galore.

We did make a trip to the new Digha beach, were I reminisced the Digha I had visited 27 years back with my parents and sis, as a child, the sights were completely different then what I remembered,

New Digha Promenade


return journey to follow ...

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