Thursday, June 28, 2012

Line Producing -1

Paul hellerman line producer on :

Jungle warrior

Red heat

Back to the beach

Reservoir dogs

Four rooms

Pulp fiction

The Mexican

Bang bang you are dead

and all tarrantino movies -

DGA training program, to become a producer

Line producer is the 1st person to see the screenplay.

Line producer looks at:



Production plans

Tracking costs

Oversee operation oversight

Finance / bond company

1st ad and Dp are the 1st people to go , if a bond company has to step in .

Line Producer interacts with above the line people

They are responsible with casting / story / all atl, they have creative input on aspects of the movie the ATL is the highest paying position in a film

UNIT Production manager does not give creative inputs, they just manage money.

UPM is DGA position

Line Producer : looks at all paper work, they sign all chq’s

Also writer deals / cast deals / director deals - finance and legal( business affairs )

People who report to Line Producer

Assistant director (responsible for time management)

Production coordinator – responsible for every aspect of production, they manage the office, is one of the most difficult jobs.

Good traits as a Line Producer are:

Take on responsibility

Deal with stress well

Can see the bigger picture

Deals well with personalities

Find alternate solutions

Get creative solutions

Production coordinator never goes to set.

DP and Production designers are hired and do report to Line Producer

Miramax and newline and cinetec were bought up by bigger studios and the quality of films dropped,

Now it is about making money the 1st weekend alone,

Bigger companies can’t allow smaller co’s to make profit

Movies like: bonnie and Clyde/ gas food lodging/ sex lies videotapes/

What lies beneath

Are no longer possible

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