Friday, March 17, 2017

Amazing at 80, and getting younger is Mom

How is it even Possible

My mom is 80 +
She is up at 6 no matter what and is reading something all the time,
Newspaper, storybook, and yes she does write.

She is never sitting doing nothing,

When she is not doing something like cooking or chopping she is watching TV and can have a full on discussion on cricket and performances about players and records and in form, players and there statistics,  
And so is she knowledgeable about Indian idol, dance shows n so on

She is never lounging or doing nothing, she is never rushed, the food is always ready on time her time management is amazing, 

As the day starts, come morning she’s ready to cook breakfast, if I m too lazy to get out of bed, she will go to the market herself and pick up supplies and not a word of complain in action or words.

Now that she has a smart phone, I have to run scared as I find myself being shared on Social media “ images by my mom of me “, and here I thought I was the photographer in the family.

Hats off to you Mom, you can easily put me to shame with your energy and zeal for life so much to learn from you still.
 An house back she asked for the Wi - Fi password and is online right now, she is watching you tube videos on her mobile, and wondering why Hema Malian lost so much money because of Bobby deol , do I even wanna know more ? 

So much to learn still MA.

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