Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Gadda Mania - Part One

This weekend found myself headed to Lonar along with my riding buddies from Inddie Thumpers ,
The ride started at 0430 hours from Viviana mall, and we were on the way by
0500 hrs. OD read : 4700

A little glitch one of the TB stalled at the start, it was a fuse issue that was easily fixed, we were on the way, and approx. 30 riders headed to Lonar the meteor lake.
We had a few new riders on the re first ride, hopefully they would come back with interesting stories and happy memories to help them stay motivated as we started out on the 500 + km ride,
First 90 minutes saw us do 110 KM towards Nasik, n
By 0945 we were 230 km from Mumbai at Kopargao,

At this point we did a slow start and me and Shane got separated from the main group, n got lost a bit, what’s the trip without some adventure right, n thus we ended up riding at a slow pace finding our way through some dirt roads, and passing villages as we went through them, to catch up the single lane highway to Aurangabad.

We stopped for a drink of water enroute, and there was this family curious about us, so many kids, makes me personally shudder,  

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And then there were the men too relaxing as always , I wonder do we men relax more then women, do we have it easier then the ladies ?

We fuelled up at Kuntampara, at 1200 hrs, we were 110 km before Aurangabad
N we made good speed and progress catching up with other riders and just about making it to Lonar in time for the sunset,

Time was 1840, we were at Midc Lonar, Gadda Mania time.
I had missed shooting the sunset with the crater in the same shot, guess the next day eve it was to be
Not all were as lucky and a few bikes needed work along the way , 3 flat tires and a pipe burst and a gear cover crack was the toll as the 30 odd bikes made it to Lonar)

Not being familiar with the lay of the land, missed the grandeur of the sunset, 

but did manage to catch the after sunset beauty of nature, My riding partner for most part of the day doing the honor of modeling for me, 

n settled for the night, party till midnight and then to bed, so I could catch the sun before he rose, and Boy was it worth it?

Distance : start: od : 5700 ,
at Lonar : OD 6204    a tot distance of 5204 Km and fuel bunt worth rs 1300,  17 liters approx