Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Day 2 at gadda mania 2017

Day 2 was a early morning wake up call at 0600 hours n a short ride to the other side of the crater one got to see the amazing sunrise over the crater it was equinox, the sun rose at approx 0630 hours, (equal day and night hours)

Waiting for Sun to rise


The huge ball of fire majestically rising over the lake was a site to behold and savor

Lonar Crater lake

Crosssection of lake 

More on Lake

Magic of Reflections

After having my fill of sunrise and watching a huge flag flutter majestically in the wind, 

Just is 

we started a trek into the meteor created lake, rider: rathore and me philosophized about life as we walked into the meteor lake and was soon in vicinity of birds,


Walking sneakily, a Red wattled Lapwing 

Bird incoming 

 birds I knew not much about, except they were sure willing to give me an opportunity to make great images and then as we trekked along the lake

The lake 

 we were with Monkeys for company, they seemed to be having a great day out, playing and slamming the other, 


Monkeying around
Got u 

as we walked along the lake we reached a temple 

Temple Temple

The inside

The front towards the lake 

there were mom monkeys wo were keeping a look out on there kids, n was alert to us approaching 

MOm alert
My baby

We headed back letting the bird  and animals enjoy there day sans Human which I am sure is what they desire


temperature was almost 35 degree by 0930 hours and we thought it best to stay indoors and laze around as we waited out the warm portion of the day.
AFternoon chill

I took a portion of the eve to test a TB 500 , 

Thunderbird 500

Thanks to my buddy Punit Tripathy, aka P2P


 my next buy if all goes well,  am I excited about this, You bet I am 

 know it sounds stupid but I think this bike photographs well too along with being a great ride.

The sun solely descended as the day passed by ,
we all are photographers 

smokes, beer, Me time
the cool evening, the smokes and the beer by the lake side with friend s is what it was time for.

Live song session

as the nite rolls on

we will probably all meet for


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